The Journey Fund

Navigating the journey with cancer patients

Your Donation Will Provide:

Each donation given provides these patients with valuable resources that help them maintain a healthy and fulfilled life. Every donation is a gift.

Meeting Patients in Critical Moments

Cancer patients should never feel alone on their journey.

We assist cancer patients facing social, financial, or emotional obstacles.

The Journey Fund is a community-based, not-for-profit organization committed to cancer patients facing barriers that affect their treatment.

Our purpose is to provide these services through acts of kindness.

Donations and community resources make it possible for us to assist cancer patients towards a courageous journey, with dignity.

What our patients say

I am a single mother of two young children. Since being diagnosed with cancer I lost my job and my home was foreclosed on. The only support I have is through a local oncology practice.
Journey Fund paid portion of bill toward Extended Stay America
A gentleman who lives alone and has gone through treatment requested a gas card so he could go to Montana and be with family.
Journey Fund paid for a gas card
I am self-employed and have not been working much due to COVID-19, then in January I was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer and had an emergency surgery. Because of my recovery, I am unable to work right now.
Journey Fund paid towards utility bills
I have to travel 1 ½ hours for treatment and stay overnight at Sunshine House 1-2x per week. It is $40 each night and I need help!
Journey Fund paid portion of bill to stay at Sunshine House

The Journey Fund's goal is to provide all these resources and more.

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